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Credit reporting services should pick up a bankruptcy discharge order following a debtor’s discharge in bankruptcy and modify a discharged debtor’s credit report accordingly but this does not always happen. Accordingly, a debtor discharged should always check his or her credit report within 60 to 90 days following the discharge order being entered to make sure the appropriate changes have been made to the credit report. Following a bankruptcy discharge, discharged debts should be noted on the credit report as “discharged in bankruptcy” and there should be no balance owing indicated.

One of the legal services we provide for our clients is to send a copy of the discharge order following discharge to the credit reporting services and instruct them to make the appropriate changes in their records regarding the debtor’s discharged debts. If a debtor’s bankruptcy attorney has not done this, however, the debtor should take the initiative and communicate directly with the credit reporting services, provide a copy of the discharge order and request these modifications be made to the credit report.