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When you are involved in a car accident in Texas, you may get confused and unsure about where to turn next. You face several problems like the costs of medical, prescriptions, physical therapy and lost wages. The insurance company may not support you in a fair manner at such times, and you need to make sure you are covered. You will need an expert and experienced Texas accident lawyer. They will help you to file a claim for damages and help you in handling Texas car accidents. We at Wash & Thomas Attorneys offers effective legal representation for injured people. We represent and care about our clients who have been hurt or injured in car, truck, motorcycle, boating and other types of auto and vehicle accidents.

When you are injured in any auto or vehicle accident you should immediately talk to anaccident lawyer who has experience in representing automobile accident victims. The damages that injured people can sue for in auto / vehicle accident cases includes loss of income because they are unable to work temporarily or permanently. In such cases the court may decrease the amount of the claim if the other vehicle driver claims that you are also responsible for the auto / vehicle accident. That is why you need the services of a proficient and experienced vehicle accident lawyer in Texas.

We have represented a large number of automobile accident victims. We take great pride in limiting our representation to plaintiffs and in representing no insurance companies involved in these claims. We are committed to treating each case, large or small, with the seriousness it deserves in order to assure that each of our clients receives the compensation that he or she deserves.

The Texas accident lawyers at Wash & Thomas Attorneys are there for you. We will fight for your rights if you have suffered harm at hands of others in accidents in Waco, Texas. Our lawyers are extremely responsive and available to provide consultation to you regarding your potential cases.

Wash & Thomas Attorneys exists to help you with answers and solutions to your legal problems. Our law firm staff are competent, experienced and well trained in Texas.