Home » Blog » Are migraine headaches a basis for receiving Social Security Disability Benefits?

Yes!  However, proving that migraine headaches are debilitating and meet Social Security Disability guidelines is not always easy.   I have represented many clients that suffer with migraine headaches and have successfully won benefits for clients who this is their sole disability.  My first piece of advice is to keep a headache journal. A journal could be as simple as a calendar.  The type of instrument that you record it in is not important.  The content of the journal is most important.  The most helpful information is to describe the symptoms of your headache (i.e. nausea, sensitivity to light or noises), duration of the headache and time of day it occurs.  This information should be provided to your doctor for proper evaluation and also will be helpful in proving your disability case.  If your migraine headaches are occurring as often or lasting for longer than two days per month, then I would suggest applying for disability or contacting an attorney for further evaluation of your disability claim.