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As of the date of this entry, the Social Security Trust Funds remain relatively stable.  The 2011 report finds that, if no action is taken, the Trust Funds will be able to pay 100% of scheduled benefits until 2036.  However, the Disability Insurance Trust Fund will be depleted in 2018.  Congress can act to reallocate more of the payroll tax to the Disability Insurance Trust Fund from the Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund as they did in 1994.  Anyway you look at it, a problem exists which needs to be fixed and it’s not by spending the money until it is all gone.  The system needs to be reworked to continue to provide retirement benefits and disability benefits.  However, there most likely solution will need to be an overall reduction in benefits.  Nobody likes  the idea of it.  However, sticking our head in the sand and passing it off to the next elected Congressman is not a wise decision either because then there really will be a crisis.