Home » Blog » Can I Go Ahead and Settle My Car Damage Claim But Not My Personal Injury Claim?

The answer is yes, you can settle these two separately.  Let’s say you’ve been involved in a car wreck in your automobile and you were injured.  You need to get your car repaired quickly; however, you were injured in the collision and you are not fully healed from the injuries.  Therefore, it’s never wise to settle your personal injuries until you are sure you are all right and are not going to need further treatment.  It is o.k. to go ahead and settle up with the other driver’s insurance carrier on the car damage as long as you carefully read the release you sign to make sure it does not also release the other driver or insurance company for your personal injury damages.  The law allows them to be settled separately.  If you are unsure about the release, then it is advisable to let an attorney read it to make sure.  Never sign a release of your personal injury damages until you are sure you are ok and are not going to need further treatment.  Because, once you sign that personal injury release and take the insurance company’s check , it will be too late to come back later and ask for more money when you find out you now need more treatment.