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Welcome to the new Texas Employee Rights Blog.  As a practicing Texas attorney, it is my goal   to use this blog as a tool to inform Texas employees of their legal rights and to discuss matters of interest to other attorneys who labor in this field of law.  Texas employees have a hard battle as they continually encounter the legal principle of  “employment at will”.  A good word picture of this concept is that of a high and thick castle wall that protects the employer and his assets.  The wall is the “employment at will” principle.  The only way an employee can win in a suit against the employer is to find some way through, over, or under the wall.  This wall says that an employer can fire an employee for any or no reason, it doesn’t have to be even a good reason; as long as it does not violate some specific state or federal law.  So, a specific law is needed to be able to get over, under, or through the wall.  There are a few “windows, tunnels, and ladders” available to navigate to the other side of the wall.  Well, enough of the wall analogy.  In later posts, we will explore these laws.