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You can rest assured that at your disability hearing there will be no other attorneys or others trying to argue against why you should not receive Social Security Disability Benefits.  It is a non-adversarial process.  It is like nothing you might see on a TV court show.  There is not a jury.  Usually the only people in the room is the judge, the hearing assistant, a vocational and/or medical expert, your attorney and you.  If you are not represented by an attorney, then it might be an intimidating process for you.  Actually, the judge will advise and sometimes encourage you to seek the services of an attorney.  I cannot speak for other attorneys, but I believe that being properly prepared is the key to winning the hearing.  Therefore, I personally meet with my client a couple of weeks prior to their hearing to prepare them for the hearing.  I usually spend a couple of hours preparing them because I want them to feel comfortable at the hearing and understand what is most important about their case.  In addition, I meet with my clients 30 minutes prior to the hearing to refresh their memories and put them at ease.  This is why it is important to hire an attorney that is geographically close to you and not someone you meet for the first time on the day of your hearing.