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Today’s economy has put increased pressure on many businesses and families. Relentless debt collectors and lawsuits frequently makes a financial review in consideration of a bankruptcy filing a necessary option.

What should a person look for in a bankruptcy lawyer?  The following are some factors to consider:

First, is the lawyer accessible? Can you communicate with the lawyer initially or must you go through a legal assistant for the initial review of the financial facts? Some bankruptcy law firms use legal assistants for all communication with clients and the bankruptcy lawyer is likely to only see his or her client in the courthouse.

Second, is the lawyer experienced? Does the lawyer use continutally updated bankruptcy forms and tables to enable accurate Means Test calculations?   Bankruptcy under current law is very complicated and those individuals who choose to file bankruptcy without a lawyer or use an inexperienced lawyer proceed at their own peril.

Third, does the lawyer care about the individual needs and concerns of the bankruptcy client?  Is the client an individual and treated as such by the lawyer or just one of a large volume of cases that the bankruptcy lawyer is attempting to oversee?

Fourth, does the bankruptcy lawyer take the time to attempt to clearly explain the legal process to the client?  Bankruptcy litigation can be a frightening for the unfamiliar and a lawyer should be willing to comprehensively explain the process to his or her client.