Home » Blog » Will I automatically receive Social Security Disability Benefits if I am a 100% disabled veteran?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  While the 100% disability rating is evidence that the Social Security Administration will consider in determining if you meet their guidelines for Social Security Disability, it is not controlling evidence.  I will give an example to help explain what seems to be unfair.  For instance, the majority of a veteran’s disability rating might be comprised of 50% disability for an unnecessary hysterectomy, 10% for tinnitus, 10% for arthritis of a finger, 10% for arthritis of a knee, 20% for depression.  Since the hysterectomy comprises the majority of the claim, it would be doubtful that this veteran would be automatically approved for Social Security Disability benefits.  It is highly unlikely that the unnecessary hysterectomy would disable an individual from working for 12 months or longer which is one of the many requirements to meet Social Security Disability guidelines.   The rest of the impairments would be considered in assessing disability for Social Security.